As we finish out the month of October and move into November, we should start seeing more consistent nice cool days. Which is good news because cooler weather reduces the cost of air conditioning in more ways than one.

Heat gain through the ceilings, walls, windows, and floors is less when it’s cooler outside.With lower outdoor temperatures this means that your house doesn’t warm up as much. Whether your house is uninsulated or superinsulated, heat flows from warmer to cooler. Whenever it’s warmer outside than inside, heat is going to move into your house. The insulation level affects the rate of heat gain, but there’s still heat gain.

An air conditioner actually removes heat faster and more efficiently when it’s cooler outdoors. This goes back to the second law of thermodynamics. An air conditioner is simply a machine that moves heat from one place (indoors) to another (outdoors). And heat acts according to the second law, so that means it flows from warmer to cooler. Right?

Heat flowing from cooler to warmer?

Heat from the cooler indoors flows to the warmer outdoor air without violating the second law of thermodynamics. This is because the compressor of the air conditioner pumps up the temperature of the refrigerant, which carries the heat from indoors to outdoors. The refrigerant coming out of the compressor has a condensing temperature of maybe 120° F.

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