Cut Costs of Heating Your Home

Modern heating systems are increasingly efficient, which means improved energy costs for you—regardless of which particular fuel source you’re using. A system even ten years old is already degrading and losing efficiency even before you account for differences in technology—and the gap between a high-efficiency modern unit and an older heating system is also quite significant. Reduced expenditures on repairs, replacing the system down the line, and other costs also add up to a significant benefit for high-end high-efficiency units compared to lower-end units with lower efficiency.

Improve Home Comfort

The same improvements which improve system efficiency also lead to improved performance—which means greater comfort for you and your family. A well-configured modern heating system will comply better with the settings on your thermostat, deliver heat evenly to all rooms thanks to carefully engineered air balancing, etc. Of course, the benefits will be even more pronounced if you’re moving from an older unit.

Care for the Environment

It’s not the highest priority for everyone, but if you worry about the environment and your impact on it, a modern high-efficiency heating system is a must. Not only will you consume less fuel with a more efficient system—regardless of which fuel that may be—you’ll also produce fewer byproducts with any high-efficiency combustion-based system than its lower-efficiency alternatives. Complete combustion with minimal byproducts means more of the fuel turned into heat, and less unwanted compounds vented into the air.

Reduce the Need for Heating Maintenance

The reliable, efficient operation of a modern high-efficiency heating system also tends to lead to a reduced need for maintenance and attention. While you’ll still want annual professional maintenance in most cases, you’ll need fewer incidental visits to resolve problems like noisy systems, inconsistent performance, or damaged components in need of repair. If you’re moving from an older system, this might also mean an improvement in safety.

Increase your New England Home’s Value

Finally, we come to improving home value. Few upgrades to your home can offer a return-on-investment to match an upgrade to your heating system—more popular investments like kitchen remodels or bathroom remodels often struggle to break even, especially with high-end remodels, but the simple practical value of a new heating system consistently offers a high ROI to homeowners. If your sole goal is to get the most value from your investment into your home, you won’t go wrong upgrading your heat.

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