Residential Air Conditioning/Heat Pump Program

Groton Utilities residential air conditioning/heat pump program provides cash incentives for new or replacement energy efficient air conditioners and heat pumps that meet high efficiency standards.

Obtaining these cash incentives is easy and simple with Groton Utilities simple to follow rebate application forms. For a simple “how-to obtain” available residential air conditioning rebates follow the steps as outlined in the “Program Process” below.

Removable window installed room air conditioners are not included in this program. Please refer to the Appliance Rebate Program.

Eligibility Requirements:

All Residential electric customers of Groton Utilities and Bozrah Light & Power.

Program Process:

Due to possible funding constraints, all rebate applications must be pre-approved before purchasing any equipment.

  1. Review eligibility requirements to ensure that all requirements can be met.
  2. Customer purchases qualifying air conditioning/heat pump equipment. Qualifying equipment is installed.
    (Demand Side Management: Groton Utilities reserves the right to install demand side management equipment on all HVAC equipment that receive a rebate.)
  3. Customer completes the Rebate Application, includes proof of purchase and sends to Groton Utilities for approval.
  4. Rebate check is mailed to customer.