Sometimes, an air conditioner doesn’t provide cooling according to the temperature. If the air conditioning in your home doesn’t cool the room as per the temperature, you need to call TNC Mechanical .

Reasons Why your AC is not Working Accurately

Here are the reasons that force an air conditioning system to work with lower efficiency: 

Inaccurate Thermostat setting

Sometimes little things can cause big mess-ups and disasters. Before panicking and calling the technicians, check the AC’s thermostat settings. Maybe someone unintentionally changed the thermostat’s temperature settings. Check this small thing, and you’ll save your time and your money too! 

Electrical wiring mishap 

Sometimes when an outdoor unit of the AC stops working, the cooling system shuts off automatically. It is due to all the machinery involved in cooling the air in the outdoor unit. So, maybe the indoor unit is working, but the outdoor unit has refused to work. It is better to call the AC technician to see how to resolve this problem. 

Inaccurately maintained air conditioner.

If you are also among the thousands of people who refuse to call the air conditioning services for annual maintenance, the dust accumulated on the working and vital parts of the air conditioner like the evaporator coil, compressor, and many more, can cause malfunctioning in the AC system. 

Dusty and grimy air filter 

In one way or another, the air filter is always the reason for any breakouts or issues in the HVAC system. That’s why the air conditioning replacement services consistently suggest that people keep the air filter clean and tidy. 

Refrigerant leak  

Refrigerants are an essential part of the air conditioning system. Refrigerants are chemical substances that help provide cool air by taking up all the warmth from the air. If there is a refrigerant leak, the air will not be cooled, and you might not get the results and comfort you wish to see in summers. However, when you call TNC Mechanical for an air conditioning replacement we’ll quickly address the problem and fix up the issue.    

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