There is nothing worse than being too hot or too cold and not being able to get a good control on the climate at home. But arguably worse is having to pay high bills for minimal use or having appliances with high electricity costs.

Want to know more about ductless mini-splits for your Seattle-area home? Read on to learn more!

What is a ductless mini-split?

A ductless mini-split works much like a conventional HVAC system, but with the major difference that it does not use air ducts to route air throughout the home. A traditional HVAC system distributes air throughout the house from a single unit, making installation a longer process and can sometimes waste energy by heating or cooling rooms that aren’t often occupied. With a ductless mini-split, you will be able to cool or heat only the places you spend time in most, which simplifies installation.

How does it work?

It works the same as traditional air conditioning systems. The outdoor unit draws air in and pushes air out through one or two vents. Some air conditioners have vents on the side and rear, so you may need to mount the air conditioner a foot or two away from the outside wall of your home. Mini-split systems rely on an outdoor unit combined with a small wall-mounted unit inside the space you want to heat and cool. Most homes have multiple indoor heads. The only modification that is made for proper operation is a small hole through the wall so that the flexible tube that carries air and power to the indoor unit can function properly. It’s very unobtrusive; the pipe is only a few inches in diameter and is a quick and easy installation.

Why choose ductless technology?

Our ductless units are highly efficient and will allow you to save money and energy. With ductless air conditioners, you get to pick where and when your home is temperature treated. The total and precise climate control in rooms will ensure that you and your family stay comfortable every day all while saving on energy bills.

What are the benefits of installing a ductless mini-split?

To recap, here are the top benefits of ductless systems to keep in mind:

  • Compact design
  • More affordable
  • Energy efficiency that helps you save on your heating and cooling bills
  • Flexible installation for any type of home, apartment, or workplace

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