Extremes temperatures can actually inhibit a mini split system’s ability to function effectively. Extremely high and low outdoor temperatures can make it difficult for an air conditioner to eject or absorb heat, resulting in a decline in both performance and efficiency. Now this decline is not perceptible during the hot summer months, but a dramatic temperature drop can drastically affect a mini split’s ability to heat and cool during winter months.

Mini Split Temperature Ranges

Many people ask how cold is too cold for a mini split to provide heat. It all depends on what type of mini split you get.

Economy-level mini splits: run at 100 percent efficiency down to 30°F and may shut off at temperatures below 20°F. These are best for moderate to warm climates.

Mid-level mini splits: run at 100 percent efficiency down to 20°F and typically require a base pan heater. These work well for heating moderate to cold climates.

Low ambient mini splits: are specially-designed to operate at very low temperatures. Many can run at 100 percent efficiency down to 0°F and at decreased efficiency down into the negatives. As a result, these can work in many cold climates for much of the year with needing any supplemental heat.

Higher-Heat Mini Splits for Extreme Cold

If you live in an area that experiences frigid winters, you will definitely want to consider a heat pump mini split system for when the temperature dips below zero.

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