If you live in an older home with boiler heating and no ductwork, you may be under the impression that air conditioning is not feasible. This is one occasion where you should be happy to learn that you’re wrong! You actually have several alternatives to consider. One alternative is a mini split system. These systems operate without ductwork and are a great choice for vintage and traditional homes.

What is a Mitsubishi mini split system?

A mini split air conditioning system consists of three main parts:

1. An outdoor compressor similar to the one you’d see in a traditional central air conditioning system.

2. An air handling unit, which mounts on the wall and pushes cooled air into the room.

3. A conduit which connects the compressor and air handling unit. This conduit houses the refrigerant tubing, power cable, and other minor components.

Unlike standard, central air conditioning systems that require large ducts to be run behind your walls, mini split systems deliver air directly through the wall. This makes them a good option for older homes where there’s no space for ducts in the narrow walls.

What are the advantages of mini split A/C installation in a vintage home?

Mini Split systems allow you to enjoy a cooler home without disrupting your home’s aesthetics or wall structure. The air handling units are typically mounted high up on the wall where they don’t get in the way of furniture. In a larger home, you can have several air handling units installed, allowing you to separately control the temperatures of various rooms or zones.

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