Contrary to its name, a heat pump is an effective way to both heat and cool your home. That means you can enjoy a comfortable temperature year-round. Here’s what you should know about how they work, including a few benefits that are unique to this HVAC system.

How Heat Pumps Work

One of the most common types of heat pumps is called an air-source heat pump. It pumps air through coils that are filled with refrigerant — the same substance that keeps your refrigerator cool. This device moves heat from one place to another. If the pump is heating your home, the device absorbs heat from its surroundings and then transfers it inside your home. If it’s cooling your space, then the heat is transferred outside.

A ground-source or geothermal heat pump is a little different. While an air-source transfers heat from one air space to another, a geothermal device transfers heat between the air indoors and the ground outdoors.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

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Unlike other HVAC systems, such as a furnace or an air conditioning unit, heat pumps can both heat and cool your home, so you only need one unit. They also distribute heat evenly throughout the house, which reduces cold spots.

Because these devices switch on and off less often than gas furnaces, a heat pump may be more energy-efficient for your home. If you aren’t sure if a heat pump is right for you, reach out to a local HVAC professional to assess your property and heating and cooling needs.

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