Whether it’s a furnace, heat pump, or boiler, your home’s heating system has undoubtedly been active this winter. Unfortunately, the increased usage has likely caused a spike in your utility bills as well. However, there are a few steps you can take to maintain a warm space while still keeping the costs down. If you haven’t done so already, try the following.

How to Lower Heater Costs This Winter

1. Tune-Up or Repair It

If there’s anything amiss with your heater or its components, its efficiency will be affected. For example, if your furnace is excessively dirty, it could have difficulties running as powerfully as it had before. This reduction in power could, in turn, cause it to operate more frequently to raise the temperature.

2. Seal Up Any Leaks

To prevent cold air from sneaking into your home and the hot air from escaping, seal up any gaps around the house. The doors, windows, attic, and basement are often the most significant sources of leaks. Weatherstripping, foam tape, and caulk are the easiest ways to seal cracks.

3. Hang Heavy Curtains

To minimize how much heat is lost through windows, hang thick, heavy curtains. Avoid sheer fabrics; the thicker the material, the more insulating it will be.

However, don’t keep the windows covered all day. While it doesn’t compare to raising the temperature on your furnace, natural sunlight can do wonders for warming up a room.

4. Use the Ceiling Fan

Turning on your ceiling fan during winter is actually a smart decision. Heat rises, and if you set the ceiling fan to the lowest setting, it can move the hot air downward when it’s rotating clockwise. Don’t set the fan too high, though, as too much movement will cause a windchill effect and make the room much colder.

5. Install a Humidifier

When there’s moisture in the air, the room will feel warmer longer, since moisture helps retain heat. Humidity levels between 30% and 50% are ideal. Anything higher will increase the likelihood of mold forming, so keep an eye out on the levels.

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