furnace is one of the most effective ways to keep your home warm and comfortable through the colder months. However, as with any heating source, you should take proper precautions to keep your furnace in a safe operating condition. Along with having it regularly inspected and serviced, it’s important to note any strange odors coming from your equipment. This allows homeowners to detect issues early enough to prevent a system breakdown or hazardous situation. Here are a few smells to be aware of and what they could potentially mean.

Furnace Odors You Shouldn’t Ignore

1. Electrical

An electrical smell generally indicates overheating parts within the furnace. Frequently, a faulty blower motor is to blame. When the components get too hot, they can seize up and quit working. In turn, the insulation on the wires will begin to melt and produce a strong odor. This will require the help of an HVAC professional right away to avoid an electrical hazard.

2. Dusty or Burning

When your furnace is first turned on for the season, it’s common for it to emit a dusty or burning odor. Dust will usually build up in the system after months of not being in use. Typically, this will go away after it runs a few times. It can also help to switch out the air filter for a clean one. If you continue to smell it, there could be a bigger problem that your HVAC technician needs to address.

3. Rotten Eggs

The most important smell to pay attention to is rotten eggs. Because natural gas is odorless, an ingredient is added in to give it this scent so homeowners can be alerted to leaking gas. This is an immediate cause for concern, as it means there is a risk of a fire or explosion. In the event you catch the unmistakable odor of rotten eggs, it’s vital to open as many windows as possible, leave your home, and call to report a gas leak.

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